Dear Contributor,
Please find below some guidelines which we hope will be helpful for the preparation of your submission.



All papers must be accompanied by an abstract of roughly 100 words written in English. If your paper is accepted for publication we are also happy to receive, in addition, abstracts prepared in German. Abstracts of accepted papers will be published on our website.


Paper Length

Papers should generally be between 8.000-10.000 words including the bibliography. However, if the density and number of arguments justifies more than 10.000 words we are happy to consider longer pieces.
Reviews should be 3-7 pages long. (single-spaced)



Please use footnotes only (rather than endnotes). If you merely wish to provide a bibliographical reference without any further comments please add the reference to the main text body (for format see below) rather than adding a footnote. Footnotes should be reserved for additional philosophical content.


Bibliography and Bibliographical References

Please find the format for references and bibliographies below. (For the refereeing process, we are happy to consider papers that do not yet fulfill our formatting requirements. However, the manuscript must have a complete list of references prepared in some established standard. If your paper is accepted we will need to ask you to make the appropriate changes.) See examples.


Preparation for blind refereeing

All papers (but not the reviews) have to be prepared for peer-review double blind refereeing. Please delete all references that could identify you as the author. (In case you are submitting a Word file do not forget to remove all respective information from the file’s properties). We aim to receive the reports of two referees within a period of three months.


Formats for Submissions

Electronic submissions are preferred. We accept the following formats: WORD, WORD-Perfect, TEX. If you use Open Officeplease send your file in rich text format (*.rtf). Should your document contain many logical symbols or special characters including Greek letters etc., then please provide us also with a PDF version of your document.


Please send your paper to 

Prof. Dr. Uwe Meixner:
Prof. Dr. Albert Newen:

Prof. Dr. Pieter Sjoerd Hasper:

Dr. Philipp Steinkrüger:


Book reviews should be submitted to our review editor

Prof. Dr. Markus Schrenk:

Please note that, other than submissions to the main section of the journal, reviews are not double blind peer reviewed.


We constantly seek to improve the quality of our journal both in form and content. Should you have any further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact the editorial assistant, Robert Schütze at, or one of the editors-in-chief.


With kind regards,
Albert Newen, Uwe Meixner and Markus Schrenk