Guidelines for Reviews

Length of reviews: min.: 3 pages – max.: 7 pages; best: 5 pages (=3500 words)


1) Beginning (one paragraph; one page max.)

  • info about author
  • short summary of book content
  • locating book in current or historical debate
  • main argument or standpoint
  • comment on language, clarity, conciseness, etc.
  • lease provide information about your book in header to your review as in:

    Alexander Bird
    Nature’s Metaphysics: Laws and Properties
    Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 2007
    ISBN 978-0-19-922701-3; $70.00, £29.00, € 23,99 (hardback)
    231 pages


2) Main (2-3 pages)

  • chapter by chapter summary / critique
  • main arguments of the book and critique/appraisal thereof


3) End (one paragraph; one page max.)

  • summary of reviewer’s critique and praise
  • does the author achieve his or her goals?
  • is his/her contribution valuable for the general debate?
  • recommended readers: undergrads, graduate students, researchers
  • please sign your review with:

    Academic Title, Name, Affiliation


Further info (bibliographies, footnotes, etc.) at: