Review Suggestions

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Donatella Di Cesare
Heidegger and the Jews: The Black Notebooks
Polity 2018
Mark van Atten
Essays on Gödel’s Reception of Leibniz, Husserl, and Brouwer (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, Band 35)
Springer 2015
Ronald Loeffler
Brandom (Key Contemporary Thinkers)
Polity 2017
‎ Theodor W. Adorno
Polity 2017
Laurent De Sutter
Polity 2017
Byung-Chul Han
The scent of time
John Wiley & Sons 2017
Jacques Lacan
Talking to Brick Walls
John Wiley & Sons 2017
Bernard Stiegler
Automatic Society: The Future of Work
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Antonio Negri, Ed Emery (Translated by)
Marx and Foucault: Essays, Volume 1
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Robert Arp, Jamie Carlin Watson
Critical Thinking: An Introduction to Reasoning Well
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 2015
Gerard de Vries
Bruno Latour (Key Contemporary Thinkers)
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Stefan Müller-Doohm
Habermas: A Biography
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Johannes L. Brandl, Marian David, Maria E. Reicher and Leopold Stubenberg
Brill 2015
Sandra Lapointe
Brill 2015
Leon Horsten, Philip Welch
Oxford University Press 2016
Paul Feyerabend
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Anne Sophie Spann (jetzt: Meincke), Daniel Wehinger
Mentis 2015
Ian Dearden
The Problem of Philosophical Nonsense
Rellet Press 2015
Anthony P. Smith
Polity 2016
Jan Dejnozka
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2015
Markus Gabriel
Polity 2015
Rebecca Copenhaver & Todd Buras
Oxford University Press 2015
Carolyn Price
Polity 2015
Simon P. James
Polity 2015
François Laruelle
Polity 2015
Peter Trawny
Polity 2015
Edited by Colin R. Caret and Ole T. Hjortland
Hardback 2015
Deborah Tollefsen
Polity 2015