Review Suggestions

If you are interested in reviewing one of the here displayed books
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and he will send you a review copy.

Albert R. Spencer
Polity 2019
Bert Heinrichs
George Edward Moore
Junius 2019
Keith Simmons
Semantic Singularities: Paradoxes of Reference, Predication, and Truth
Oxford University Press 2018
Donatella Di Cesare
Heidegger and the Jews: The Black Notebooks
Polity 2018
Ronald Loeffler
Brandom (Key Contemporary Thinkers)
Polity 2017
‎ Theodor W. Adorno
Polity 2017
Laurent De Sutter
Polity 2017
Byung-Chul Han
The scent of time
John Wiley & Sons 2017
Jacques Lacan
Talking to Brick Walls
John Wiley & Sons 2017
Bernard Stiegler
Automatic Society: The Future of Work
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Antonio Negri, Ed Emery (Translated by)
Marx and Foucault: Essays, Volume 1
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Gerard de Vries
Bruno Latour (Key Contemporary Thinkers)
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Stefan Müller-Doohm
Habermas: A Biography
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Leon Horsten, Philip Welch
Oxford University Press 2016
Paul Feyerabend
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Anthony P. Smith
Polity 2016