Volume 14 - Final Causes and Teleological Explanations

The theme of this volume is final causes and teleological explanations. The articles were arranged and selected (in the usual peer-review process) by the Guest Editors Dominik Perler and Stephan Schmid, to whom we would like to express our gratitude for their professional work. The articles fruitfully combine systematic questions and historical perspectives. The systematic key questions include e.g.: What is the relation between teleological and causal explanations? How can we account for our common practice of using teleological explanations both for human and nonhuman behaviour? Is teleology a biological structure or is it only a product of our way of conceptualizing events in the world? These modern questions are presented in historical contexts, starting in this volume with a discussion of Thomas Aquinas, and having a focus on early modern philosophy, especially on Spinoza and Kant. Besides our Review Editor, Markus Schrenk, we would like to thank Robert Schütze, who, as editorial assistant, has helped to shape the present volume, and our publisher, mentis, for the constant and fruitful cooperation.
Guest Editors: 
Perler, Dominik
Schmid, Stephan


Hennig, Boris