Volume 18 - Analytic Philosophy meets Classical German Philosophy

The thematic focus of this volume is a discussion of Analytic Philosophy with Classical German Philosophy focusing on ideas of Kant and Hegel and its relation to modern systematic philosophy. The rst eight articles were presented at a workshop at the Ruhr- University Bochum (in Oct. 2013) which paved the road for a systematic interaction between Classical German Philosophy and Analytic Philosophy. We are grateful to the Thyssen-Foundation which nancially supported this rst meeting of representatives of Classical German and Analytic Philosophy in Germany. One aim was and still is to overcome the separation of both camps in philosophy. Since the workshop was evaluated as very fruitful, we as organizers decided to publish some key contributions in this volume on the basis of the usual peer-review process. In addition to the workshop contributions, three articles on Kant and Hegel which came in on the basis of an international call for papers were positively reviewed and thus included.We would like to thank UweMeixner and Pieter Sjoerd Hasper as general editors of the whole volume and Robert Schütze, who essentially supported the organization of the review process.
Guest Editors: 
Newen, Albert
Sandkaulen, Birgit