Advanced topics of experimental micromechanics and microtribology

(PD Dr. Steffen Brinckmann)

This modul discusses how micromechanics and microtribology can be used to extract advanced material phenomena of metal deformation at the microscale. Among other topics, this module will discuss:

  • The history of experimental micromechanics using indentation and nanoindentation
  • Limitations of experimental micromechanics and microtribology
  • File formats of experimental micromechanics, conversion and size limitations
  • An interpreted computer languages and its use to investigate phenomena at the microscale
  • Statistical uncertainty analysis based on the derivation of mechanical equations and discussion of uncertainty dependence and independence
  • Numerical models that mimic experiments at the micrometer scale. Overview of continuum and fracture mechanics based models
  • Design of numerical mechanical models and evaluation of their limitations. Comparison of these limitations with the statistical uncertainty of experiments
  • Design of new micromechanical and microtribological experiments, evaluation of the expected stress state and possible crack formation

The lecture is given in English language in live online lectures and practical work.
The course is designed for an optimal learning experience of 5-10 students.

The class is organized as a lecture block in the winter semester and will be announced in due time.
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