A Mechanical Analysis of Chemically Stimulated Linear Shape Memory Polymer Actuation
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Effect of interface dislocations on mass flow during high temperature and low stress creep of single crystal Ni-base superalloys
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Dislocation networks in gamma/gamma̕-microstructures formed during selective laser melting of a Ni-base superalloy
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Degradation behaviour of the MgO/HA surface ceramic nano-composites in the simulated body fluid and its use as a potential bone implant
V.Khalili, J.Frenzel, G.Eggeler
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Surface metal matrix nano-composite of magnesium/hydroxyapatite produced by stir-centrifugal casting
V.Khalili, S.Moslemi, B.Ruttert, J.Frenzel, W.Theisen, G.Eggeler
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Creep feed grinding induced gradient microstructures in the superficial layer of turbine blade root of single crystal nickel-based superalloy
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Laboratory-Scale Processing and Performance Assessment of Ti-Ta High-Temperature Shape Memory Spring Actuators
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Effect of off-stochiometric compositions on microstructures and phase transformation behaviour in Ni-Cu-Pd-Ti-Zr-Hf high entropy shape memory alloys
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A 3D Analysis of Dendritic Solidification and Mosaicity in Ni-Based Single Crystal Superalloys
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TEM replica analysis of particle phases in a tempered martensite ferritic Cr steel after long term creep
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Effect of cooling rate on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a low-carbon low-alloyed steel
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On the Size Effect of Additives in Amorphous Shape Memory Polymers
E.M.Zirdehi, H.Dumlu, G.Eggeler, F.Varnik
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