Influence of Deformation Degree at Cold Drawing on Structure-Properties Relationship of a Fe-Ni-Cr Superalloy
S. Huang, J. Hu, X. Li, J. Liu, K. Liu, H. Qin, H. Wang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 930 (2023) 167407
Atomic-Scale Insights into Morphological, Structural, and Compositional Evolution of CoOOH during Oxygen Evolution Reaction
C. Luan, M. Corva, U. Hagemann, H. Wang, M. Heidelmann, K. Tschulik, T. Li
ACS Catal. (2023) 1400–1411
Elementary molecular processes that govern the chemical stimulation of a polyurethane-based shape memory polymer
Y. Shen, H. Dumlu, G. Eggeler, K. Neuking
Polymer 280 (2023) 126070
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