In addition to imparting a basic knowledge of materials, we instruct our students in theory and in practice in the science of materials, both from a fundamental perspective (dislocation dynamics, kinetics of solid-state reactions, experimental methods) as well as from an integrative, application-oriented viewpoint (materials processing, materials selection, re-cycling). As materials scientists, we are part of the engineering sciences, even though we are strongly influenced by the natural sciences. Our teaching strategies aim to educate materials engineers with expertise and creativity, flair and responsibility. The courses we teach and which we briefly describe here cover a variety of specialisations and subjects. However, when reading the summary given in this chapter, one can notice that our curriculum actually consists of a careful selection of facets of a greater, common whole. At the Ruhr-Universität Bochum we are responsible for teaching the fundamentals of engineering materials. In doing so, we have help from our partners from within our university and from external research institutes.