Light Metals

(PD Prof. Dr.-Ing. Birgit Skrotzki)

The class Light Metals introduces the three most important low-density metallic systems: aluminum, magnesium and titanium. The basics of the ingot and powder metallurgy of these three metals and their alloys are treated, with a special focus on alloying and heat treatment procedures that help to increase their strength. The evolution of microstructures, especially precipitation strengthening, which is of utmost importance for technical applications, are dealt with. Important material properties such as mechanical strength (yield stress, fracture toughness) and corrosion resistance are introduced. Joining methods are discussed, considering the possibilities they open and the challenges they pose. A few important alloy systems are presented, and subsequently actual alloy development activities are introduced.

The lecture is held in the summer semester and is organized as a block course; it will be announced in due time.

Lecture Announcement:

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