Mechanical Properties in Small Scale Systems

(Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gerhard Dehm)

The mechanical properties of small material volumes are important in applications in which small material volumes must withstand mechanical loads (such as thin film systems). They are also important for bulk materials that are dominated by nano-scale sub regions (e.g. nanocrystalline materials). An overview is given of the processing of small-scale specimens and their characterization. The presence of system stresses in small-scale systems is discussed, and methods to measure these stresses are presented. Special emphasis is placed on elementary deformation mechanisms (e.g. dislocation plasticity, mechanical twinning, diffusional creep) that govern the mechanical behavior of small-scale systems. Materials science concepts for increasing yield strength and fracture toughness of micro-scale and nano-scale materials are treated. Size effects that are observed for all mechanical key properties (yield stress, nucleation and growth of cracks, fracture toughness and fatigue resistance) receive special attention. The lecture is organized in the summer semester. It is given as a block course and will be announced in due time.

Lecture Announcemen SS 2022:

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