Microstructure and Mechanical Properties (Modul 2 of the curriculum of Max Planck Research School for Interface Controlled Materials for Energy Conversion/IMPRS)

IMPRS-SurMat is a graduate school where international students holding a master's degree have the opportunity to obtain a PhD in a first-class scientific environment in which topics related to surface-dominated material properties are the center of interest. The curriculum consists of five summer and winter seminars, which are organized in the breaks between the semester periods. Module T2 (taught in turn with Profs. D. Raabe and G. Dehm, MPIE) addresses microstructures and mechanical properties. The topics are:

  • Fundamental relations between micro-structure and mechanical properties (G. Eggeler)
  • Elements of microstructure/scanning electron microscopy (J. Frenzel)
  • Defect analysis by transmission elec-tron microscopy (C. Somsen)
  • Microstructural characterization by 3D-atom probe tomography (Tong Li)
  • Standard test techniques for obtaining mechanical properties (K. Neuking)
  • Experimental micromechanics (J. Pfetzing-Micklich)
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