There are a multitude of sound reasons to opt for materials science; here are just five.

  • Materials play a key role in every field of endeavour and in particular in what are known as the Grand Challenges: energy, transport, health and the environment. Materials engineers make a careful, optimal selection when choosing a material, taking all of the technical, economic and ecological constraints into consideration.
  • Materials engineers are well-versed in the use of microscopes and in chemical and physical measurement techniques for the characterization of materials. They are proficient in operating mechanical test equipment and electron microscopes. They know something about materials modelling. And they are involved in product development, in the estimation of service lifetimes and in the life-cycle engineering of components.
  • Materials engineers know how materials are manufactured and processed. They know how to apply a coating, how to process surfaces with lasers, how to manufacture composites, how forming processes are carried out and how recycling is done. Materials engineers make an significant contribution to design and to adding value to the product.
  • The growing complexity of modern products ("hybrid construction methods") requires knowledge of a number of fields such as chemistry, physics, design, mechanics, materials science and computer science. So the training given in our Materials Science course of study is of necessity interdisciplinary. Material engineers test, characterize and model the behaviour of materials. This versatility prepares them very well for a successful career in research, teaching or in industry.
  • As graduates of a young interdisciplinary field, materials engineers are particularly well qualified for collaboration with professionals from other fields. In addition, today's teaching and research takes place on an international level, so you can will have the opportunity to gain experience in an international environment. The lucky materials engineer is almost predestined to occupy a position managing international and interdisciplinary projects, competently and successfully.
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